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Collecting for Hackney Foodbank

From now until 3 Nov (when the school Harvest Service takes place here in church) we'll be collecting for the Hackney Foodbank:

This is what they need right now:

Tinned Fruit (400gms)
UHT Juice (1 Litre),
UHT Milk (1 Litre)
Custard (400gms)
Instant Coffee (100gms)
Jars of Curry Sauce
or Pasta Sauce
Sugar (500gms)
Washing Powder, Gel or Tablets
Rice (500gms Or 1kg Bags only)
Instant Soup Sachets
Instant Mashed Potato
Tinned Vegetables (400gms)
Tinned Corned Beef or Chicken

and this is what they don't need

(as they have plenty in their stores at the moment)
Beans, Pasta, Tinned Soup, Cereal, Sweet Biscuits, Tea

You'd be welcome to bring in anything you'd like to donate to the church.

Thank you!