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1 April 2018 onward

Walter Kelly and Val Harding are our elected Churchwardens for 2018-19. Thank you to both of them for being willing to take on this role. Please remember them in your prayers.

THANK YOU to everyone who has involved in helping with Holy Week and everyone involved in church decorating yesterday.

If you play an instrument, please tell Victoria (who's playing the organ) and is our new Director of Music. It doesn't matter at all how good you think you are - she'd like to hear from you.

The next church cleaning is Sat, 7 April, 9.30am - 11.30am. All welcome!

Calling all those with a particular care for the environment. You might like to sign up for the Stepney Eco Conference. Sat 28 April, 10am - 3pm. St Paul's, Old Ford, St Stephen's Road, E3 5JL. Attendance is free. To book, please go to and look up 'Stepney Eco Conference'. It's essential to register. It looks like a really worthwhile conference.

Some volunteering opportunities:

We'd like to hear from you if you would be willing to:

- join a rota of altar servers

- Do some ushering when we have baptisms and at major festivals such as Easter and Christmas. These people would be in addition to the Stewards on the rota

- be willing to come in to church to organise the altar linen kept in the Vestry

Dates for future PCC meetings in the Parish Room (8.05pm): 15 May, 3 July, 18 Sept, 9 Oct, 20 Nov.

Please sign up in the file on the table at the back of church if you have time to get involved in church opening on a Saturday, 9.30 - 3pm. As little as half an hour of your time is really useful. We have an obligation to one of our funders for the repair work on our Tower to be open 40 Saturdays a year. And anyhow - we'd like to be open as much as possible.