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What's on - 2 Feb 2019 onwards

Thank you to everyone involved in church cleaning on 2 Feb. The next church cleaning is Sat 2nd March, 9.30-11.30am

The next 'Last Sunday of the Month' 4pm service is on Sunday 24th Feb at 4pm.

There will be PRAYERS FOR HEALING at our Sunday 10am service on Sunday 24 Feb.

Pizza party - 3 March, immediately after church, for the younger members of the church recently confirmed (Esther, Ashley, Chantelle, Cheryle, Devon, Sapphire, Jasmine, Alexander).

Please could EVERYONE do a new electoral roll form - even if you did it last year, or in previous years.

Every six years we compile our church Electoral Roll from scratch, rather than revise it - which we do every year. The revision began on 27 January '19 and will run until Friday 22 March '19. If you'd like to join our Electoral Roll, during that period please make sure that you sign a form. You can join the electoral roll if you are baptised, over 16 and (1) you are a member of the C of E and are resident in the parish (2) if you are not resident in the parish but have worshipped in this church for more than six months (3) if you are a member of a church which subscribes to the Doctrine of the Trinity, and you are prepared to declare yourself to be a member of the Church of England and have worshipped with us for more than six months.

We have just appointed a project architect for some work on the church, especially improvements to: toilet facilities, the kitchen, the parish room and side chapel, the entranceway, heating, lighting, storage, the churchyard and interior decoration. His name is Adam Richards. Adam and his colleague Giles have just started work on a feasibility study for this work. This will lead to a masterplan, on the back of which we'll then be fundraising. Please pray for this process and for those involved, and feed in your thoughts when we start consulting properly with the congregation, our existing users, and the local community.

We are commissioning a 4th modern stained glass window for the church, this one in memory of June Pipe (who was a longstanding member of the congregation). Please keep the artist Piotr Frac in your prayers as he starts work on the window.

Some people choose to give to the church using weekly envelopes. You choose how much you'd like to give each week. If you'd like to join this scheme, please speak with Andrew or Gill.

Please have a look at the Creationtide display at the back of church. Many thanks to Gerry for putting it together.

Night Shelter. If you would like to volunteer please email John Alty on

Some volunteering opportunities: we'd like to hear from you if you would be willing to:

(A) Join a rota of altar servers

(B) Do some ushering when we have baptisms and at major festivals such as Easter and Christmas. These people would be in addition to the Stewards on the rota

(C) Be willing to come in to church to organise the altar linen kept in the Vestry.

Please sign up in the file on the table at the back of church if you have time to get involved in church opening on a Saturday, 9.30 - 3pm. As little as half an hour of your time is really useful. We have an obligation to one of our funders for the repair work on our Tower to be open 40 Saturdays a year. And anyhow - we'd like to be open as much as possible.

We need to ensure that there are always two adults in Junior Church. Would you be willing, not to lead, but to be a second adult, on occasion? You will need a DBS check, but we can organise that. Please speak with Andrew or Gill.