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Night Shelter volunteers needed

From 1 November to 23 December, 'Hackney Winter Night Shelter' will be operating on Saturdays at St Luke's, Homerton Terrace, E9 6RT and volunteers from St John of Jerusalem will be helping out.

We'll welcome fifteen homeless guests for hot supper, bed and breakfast, as part of a roving shelter which, on different nights, moves from one hall to another.across Hackney

We need loads of new volunteers to prepare the hall (, to cook the supper (for 8.30pm), to welcome the guests (7.30-10pm), to stay overnight (10pm-7am sleeping in shifts), to cook breakfast 5.30-8.30am), and to clear up the hall (7-8.30am)

You will work with a great band of diverse people and enter the fascinating lives of those you otherwise may not meet. You may find your neighbours volunteering beside you.

It is a great experience and not far from where you live. Make a difference, go to the Hackney Winter Night Shelter website - - and click on 'volunteer'. Fill in the form, sign up and join over 500 other volunteers across Hackney.