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What's on - 16 December onwards

Thank you to everyone involved in church cleaning on Saturday 15th Dec. Our next church cleaning will be on Sat 5 Jan 2019, 9.30-11.30am.

This Tuesday (18th Dec) you are warmly invited to a special Christmas Service of Carols & Readings in St Joseph's Hospice chapel at 2pm, with refreshments afterwards in the Chaplaincy.

The 'Happy Singers' group meets this Wednesday at 7pm in church. There's an open invitation to everyone who enjoys singing and making music with other people.

On Thursday the 10.30am Eucharist will take place in the Rectory, and there will be a 10am school service in church.

This Saturday (22nd) it would be a huge help to have a few people who would be willing to help prepare our Christmas decorations so that we can put them up as quickly as possible after church on Sunday (23rd).

Linked to that, if you have time to stay behind after church to help decorate the tree, put up candles around the columns, decorate the ledges above the radiators - that would be a great help (11.30am-12.30pm, or any time you have after church).

Christmas Services

Carols & Readings
for Christmas
6pm on Sun 23 Dec

Crib Service:
4pm on Mon 24 Dec

Midnight Eucharist:
11pm on Mon 24 Dec

Christmas Day Service:
10.30am on Tues 25 Dec

Watch Night Service:

11pm on Mon 31 Dec

There won't be a 7.30pm Eucharist on Christmas Day (Tues 25th).

Some people choose to give to the church using weekly envelopes. If you use envelopes - the new ones for 2018/19 are available now. Please tick the list when you take your envelopes. If you'd like to join the envelope scheme, please choose a number that doesn't have a name next to it - and put your name on the list. Thank you!

Please have a look at the Creationtide display at the back of church. Many thanks to Gerry for putting it together.

Congratulations to all those who were confirmed on 3 Nov in St Paul's Cathedral: Buabowon (Kate), Esther, Alexander, Ashley, Chantelle, Cheryle, Devon, Sapphire, Jasmine, Jack.

Night Shelter date before Christmas: 22 December. It won't be taking place this year at St Luke's, Homerton Terrace, but at St Mary's, Stoke Newington. If you'd like to volunteer and there are any of the dates above that you know you can't do, please email John Alty asap on

Gill is fundraising to buy a 'Prayer Bus' (an adapted, good quality second hand minibus) to provide spiritual and pastoral support for refugees in Calais. The fundraising target is £10,000. If you would like to contribute online please go to:

or go the Justgiving homepage and search for 'Refugee Prayer Bus'. Donations can also be made by cheque or in cash, so please speak with Gill if you would like to do that.

Some volunteering opportunities: we'd like to hear from you if you would be willing to:

(A) Join a rota of altar servers

(B) Do some ushering when we have baptisms and at major festivals such as Easter and Christmas. These people would be in addition to the Stewards on the rota

(C) Be willing to come in to church to organise the altar linen kept in the Vestry

Please sign up in the file on the table at the back of church if you have time to get involved in church opening on a Saturday, 9.30 - 3pm. As little as half an hour of your time is really useful. We have an obligation to one of our funders for the repair work on our Tower to be open 40 Saturdays a year. And anyhow - we'd like to be open as much as possible.