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News for the week beginning 20 September 2020

Please pray for Shana who will be ordained Deacon at St Paul's Cathedral this Saturday - 26 September at 4.15pm. (postponed from 4 July). If you would like to watch Shana's Ordination please go to: at 4.15pm on Saturday.

From Shana: We are asking you to bring to St John of Jerusalem a photo of a loved one or friend who has died recently, or an image representing what has been lost, or a photo of hope for the future. The plan is that we might put up these photos on two large boards on the railings outside the church as an open air exhibition for those who pass by. Precise details of that will depend on the number of images we receive. We hope this Photo Exhibition will help to connect us and the wider neighbourhood - as we both remember and give expression to a voice of hope.

From Susan Crocker: Following on from a national initiative called 'Spare Chair Sunday', I thought that we could extend the idea for our own congregation and community. To extend the offer of a meal on a Sunday to someone who would appreciate the company in these challenging times. Following the sermon last Sunday and gospel reading, I was inspired to think about how we tackle loneliness with the encroaching winter with further lockdown potential and COVID restraints still with us. I was thinking – let's start telling people we trust if we are feeling lonely, and ask for help. Also let's start noticing and thinking of people who are on their own, who do not have work at this time, or who might be struggling with their mental health. Let's invite people to share a meal with us, meet up in a cafe, or invite someone round, but please keep safe and follow guidance. Please do talk to me or Andrew about how we can do this. One idea is that we have a sign up sheep at the back with offers of lunch or dinner, and people can put their name by it. I don't want this to be a short term plan, but a way of sharing with each other in fellowship for now, and into the future. Thank you.

Evening Prayer on Sundays. In church every Sunday at 4pm.

Our next PCC meeting is Tuesday 22 September at 8pm in the church.

We're going to hold our 'Annual Parochial Church Meeting' & 'Annual Meeting of the Parishioners' on Sunday 27 September, immediately after church. A few years ago we went over to a system where we elect people for up to three years. After three years people can, if they'd like to, take one year off, and then stand again. At the next Annual Meeting the members of the PCC who could stay on if they're willing are: Beverley B, John DLC, Kurt D, Paulette F-I, Rob H, Shirley M, Jo M. We would then be looking for four people who might like to serve for 3 years and one person to serve for 1 year. We'd also be looking for two Deanery Synod Representatives. Unlike with the PCC, Deanery Synod reps can currently stand again, or stand for the PCC without taking a year off. In total we will therefore be looking to elect seven people. Please give some thought as to whether you'd like to be one of them. Do please think about you'd be willing to stand this year. Forms at the back of church.

Church Cleaning. The next church cleaning will be Sat 3 October, 9.30-11.30am. All welcome.

We will be marking Harvest and the Last Sunday of Creationtide on 4 October. Sadly we won't be having a shared meal but we can collect donations for the Hackney Foodbank. Please stick to this list of the things they want and check sell-by dates. Pasta Sauce, Curry Sauce, Rice Pudding or Custard, Tinned vegetable soup, Tea & Coffee, Nappies (Size 4, 5, 6), Breakfast Cereal, Bars of hand soap, UHT milk, Tinned Veg.

Prayers for Healing

The prayers for healing group are praying in their own homes for all of us. If you would like to send in prayer requests, please send them to:

If you would like names printed onto the back of this service sheet, please let Andrew know.

Barbara Altounyan is running a project called 'Family Talk' - a free service for all and any grandparents in the UK to have their phone conversations with their grandchildren recorded. If this would be of interest to you, or someone you know, please contact Barbara on 07712 534 399 or email

Hymn Singing on Zoom

Our Director of Music, Victoria, is meeting up on Zoom with people who enjoy singing. Please email Victoria at if you would like to be part of that.

The time the church opens on a Sunday

The doors of the church will first open on a Sunday at 9.30am. Please use the main doors rather than any of the side doors.

Morning Prayer Midweek

Morning Prayer will be said in church at 9am, Mondays to Saturdays.

Midweek Church Opening

The church will be open for Private Prayer on Thursdays from 11.30am to 12.30pm.