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Sunday 14 February

Sunday 14 February 2021:

Our Sunday Service on YouTube

Collect & Readings

Order of Service


Dear all,

Below you will find:

A. Information about recorded worship and an invitation to Zoom church for 14 February.
B. Information for Ash Wednesday (17 February)
C. An invitaiton to a Lent Zoom Disucssion Group (starting Thursday 25 February)
D. Arrangements for Sunday until after 22 February
E. Collect, Readings and the Sermon for Sunday 14 February
F. Readings booklet
G. Prayers for healing
H. Joining the Electoral Roll


We have recorded an act of worship today (Saturday) which will be available on our church YouTube channel from 6am tomorrow (Sunday 14 February 2021).
You will find it here:

At 10am tomorrow (14 Feb), do join us for Zoom Church if you would like to. We will start Morning Prayer at 10.05am and once that has finished there will be a chance to catch up with one another. The link can be sent on request.


Ash Wednesday (17 February)
The church building will be open for individual prayer between 11.30am-12.30pm and 5-6pm.

There will also be a Zoom Ash Wednesday service at 7pm.
The link can be sent on request.


Lent Zoom Disucssion Group (starting Thursday 25th February)
We will be using material produced by the 'Visual Commentary on Scripture' ( which is an extraordinary and ambitious new resource which aims to provide a visual commentary for the whole of the Bible. Zoom invitations can be sent to people on request

If you would like to sign up for some Lent reflections from the Church of England please give your contact details here:


Arrangements for Sundays until after 22 February. The Parochial Church Council (PCC) has decided that for now we will remain closed for Sunday services, though we will be open for private prayer from 10am to 12 noon every Sunday (doors opening at 10am), starting Sunday 21 February. Please see the letter at the base of this email for more detail.


I'm very aware that not everyone will want to be part of Zoom church, or their computers may not be set up for that. If it's helpful, the readings and the text of the sermon will be available here from early tomorrow:
If you would like to be part of Zoom church but don't know how to use Zoom, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Aware that some of our church members are not on email, we have produced a booklet with the Collect and Readings for the Sundays up until 14 February and sent it out by post. If that's something you would like to use at home, please click on the link below:

You will also be able to find the Sunday readings for 21 February to 14 March here:


Prayers for Healing. If you would like to send in prayer requests, please send them to:


Our existing electoral roll is here:

For the next few weeks we're revising the roll.

If your name isn't on the roll and you would like to join it (and your're baptised and over 16) please fill out this form, sign it, and either scan it and send it by email, or put it through Andrew's letterbox:

Every blessing to you all. And happy St Valentine's Day for 14 February.

with love and prayers,


12th February, 2021

Letter - arrangements for the next few Sundays

Dear all,

During this last week I have been consulting with the Parochial Church Council (PCC) about whether we should open the church for services from Ash Wednesday onwards. PCC members were not of one mind, but the majority view was that it's too early to open. A government announcement is promised for 22 February and the PCC will be consulted again after that.

I know for sure that for some this decision will come as a great disappointment and that there are people desperate for the church building to be open again. I know also that every PCC member knows that coming together for worship is extremely important to everyone at St John of Jerusalem and that there are some within our community who are really suffering during lockdown. If you disagree with the decision, please know that all the responses from PCC members were very thoughtful and I could tell that it wasn't an easy decision for anyone to make as there was a great deal to weigh up.

So for now, we'll continue to record worship on a Saturday and send it out via the church YouTube channel from 6am every Sunday morning. We'll be holding Zoom church at 10am each Sunday and sending out the Collects & Readings for church members who aren't on email and can't access YouTube.

The one change we are going to make is that we will reopen the church for individual prayer from 11.30am-12.30pm and 5-6pm on Ash Wednesday (17th February) and from 10am (doors opening at 10am, not at 8.30am as they would be on a normal Sunday) until 12 noon each Sunday, starting Sunday 21st February.

There will be a Zoom service on Ash Wednesday at 7pm (a link will be sent out via email).

Please don't lose heart on learning that we're not having Sunday services quite yet. We will have them again. Virus numbers at the moment are coming down, and the number of people who have received their vaccine is going up.

The Holy Spirit unites us wherever we are, God is with us as much at home as in church, and the day will certainly come when we can worship together again in person. I hugely look forward to it, as I know we all do.

With best wishes & prayers,