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Sunday 17 October 2021

Wonderful to have The Revd Tracy Browne coming to preach for us on Sunday 17 October.

Thank you to Fr Doug and the members of our healing team for the service last week and for all the preparation involved.

We are going to be holding a Bible Study on the Book of Ruth (theme: borders and belongings) on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. The first session will be this Tuesday, 19 Oct in church. Six sessions in total ending on 30 Nov. On 2 Nov there will be the All Souls Day service at 7pm in the place of Bible study. All very welcome!

Please take a look at our Black History Month exhibition in church. Thank you so much to those who have been willing to be interviewed, and to those who have carried out the interviews. In choosing to celebrate six lives, we're very aware that we miss many people out. For that reason there are some cards at the back of church. If people would like to write their names on the cards and any key information they'd like to put down, do please add them to the Black History Month board at the back of church.

We've also had a very kind offer from Barbara Altounyan to record some life stories if people would like to follow that up. The recordings will become their property. If you'd like to have your story recorded please contact Barbara on 07712 534 399 or

Shana would like to start up a club for our young people, but she needs a second adult. To find out more, please speak with Shana.

Please bring in any empty plastic water bottles, or similar - we're interested in collecting the ones where the base looks a bit like a flower (so that they can be used for a Junior Church project for making poppies).

We are re-establishing serving at the altar. If you would like to become an altar server, please have a word with Andrew. All welcome!

We're looking for more volunteers to either assist with or lead Junior Church on Sunday mornings. If you'd like to know more, please speak with Estelle or Susan.

Free Will Offering yellow envelopes for the year ahead are available to collect at the back of church. Please could you print your name next to the envelope number you are collecting (or cross your name off the list if you no longer wish to donate using this scheme). Standing Order forms are also available.

Our All Souls Day service will be at 7pm on Tues 2 November. If there are names you would like read out at this service please sign the list at the back of church.

The next church cleaning will be Sat 6 November, 9.30-11.30am.

We are receiving donations to support Hackney Foodbank. It would be great if we could all stick to the list of things they need (& please check sell by dates): Tinned corned beef. Tinned soup. Tinned mackerel. Tinned tuna. Biscuits. Jars of curry sauce. Long life fruit juice. Long life UHT milk. Also: Nappies, size 6&7. Baby wipes. Washing up liquid. Bars of soap. Deodorant. Shampoo. Toothbrushes. Toothpaste. Washing detergent powder/tabs.

Today and every Sunday there is Evening Prayer at 4pm.

Mon-Sat Morning Prayer is at 9am and Evening Prayer is at 5pm (except for Bank Holidays). Morning and Evening Prayer lasts for approximately 25 mins. You would be very welcome to come and join us.

If you would like to sing with Victoria at 7pm on a Wednesday, you would be very welcome. Please talk with her today if you would like to come. On Wednesdays, please use the side, kitchen door (rather than the main entrance).

Our Friday Eucharist (Communion Service) is now at 12 noon every Friday.