Confirmation is an important and exciting time. It's the time when you decide for yourself that you want to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and to grow in love of Jesus and in commitment to Him.

It follows baptism, a time when your parents and godparents may well have spoken for you, saying they would try to bring you up as a follower of Jesus.

Confirmation is the time when you feel ready to affirm your faith before others and to speak for yourself.

The Confirmation service itself is very special. With the words "Confirm O Lord your servant with your Holy Spirit", the Bishop confirms you and the whole church prays that God will give you the power, through the Holy Spirit, to help you live as a disciple of Jesus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be?
There is no right age. It's up to you and depends on when you feel ready to make this committment. The only requirement is that you've been baptised. At a recent parish Confirmation, the youngest person was 9 and the oldest was 85.

Is there any preparation?
Yes. There are classes every year to help you explore your faith and grow as a disciple of Jesus. Please get in touch to find our more details.

When does confirmation take place and where?
The date changes every year.

And the service takes place either at our own church, St John of Jerusalem, or in a neighbouring church, or at St Paul’s Cathedral.

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