How you can give

The church clock

People give to St John of Jerusalem Church in all sorts of different ways – by becoming part of this community, through the gift of their time, in their care for others, through wise suggestions about how the community can usefully change and grow.

(Pictured right: Our church clock – transformed through the generosity of the congregation and wider community.)

They also give financially. It costs nearly a £1,000 a week to run this church.

Please help us to cover these costs in any way you can. Here are a few suggestions:

You can put cash into the collection. If you are a taxpayer, however you give (using cash or any other means) - please ask for a Gift Aid form or envelope
You can fill out a standing order form and give through your bank account
If you are working, you can set up payroll giving at your workplace
You can ask for a box of 52 envelopes and choose how much you would like to give per week
You can leave a legacy in your will

And thank you! We really do appreciate your contribution.